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Real Estate Tips

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Real Estate Tips From Veteran Car Salespeople


Most respectable real estate pros might not think there is much they ought to be learning from car salespeople. However, with their reputations on the line in nearly every deal, there might be a lot to glean from those that have managed to overcome perception, and break the mold.

Everyone loves new cars – just like everyone loves a new home. However, how many people love the car buying experience? It can take hours, if not days. It appears to be an open invitation for your self-respect and intelligence to be assaulted. There always seems to be pressure to buy, and spend more than you’d like. There are always hold ups, quirks in the finance department, and extra dollars needed. What you may not realize, however, is that there is little difference between the car buying experience and buying a home. The As a result, real estate agents are categorized along with car salesmen and saleswomen. Obviously, this is a major obstacle for real estate agents and investors.

What real estate tips can investors take away from veteran car sales professionals? How can you leap these hurdles, and get more of the results you want, despite the label?

Be Different

Real estate professionals are told that they need to be different to stand out from the crowd – real estate 101. Many carve out niches, and apply unique branding, but still drop the ball on the essentials. Being different from the rest of the sharks in the ocean doesn’t have to be that difficult. In fact, it is easy to stand out if you just refuse to swim the way everyone else does. Give instead of take. Give information generously without demanding something in return. Be transparent. Build trust.

Sell Less, Listen More

It’s true: there may appear to be some top gun sales people out there that rack up some serious sales by talking fast. Whether they’ll last or not might be a different question. The best sales people, those that are successful over the long term, don’t push. They listen more and deliver on the needs they hear.

There is a lot that can be done to reduce the obstacles in buying cars and homes. Being present, providing information upfront, and streamlining the process all matters. Yet, when it comes to moving units, it really comes down to hearing what is important and needed from the prospect, and fulfilling that.

Imagine walking into a car dealership and being out in an hour with new keys in your hand, with exactly the deal that was advertised, and the sales person promised over the phone. That completely blows consumers away today. Apply the same to buying and selling homes. Give them what they care about most. For some, it will be the least money out of pocket. For others, it will be the lowest monthly payment. Some will just want a fast and easy fix. Others prioritize healthy or stylish living environments.

Do what you say you will! The concept of following through is priceless. If you just deliver on what you promise, you will stand, head and shoulders, above virtually everyone else in your market. You won’t need to price yourself out of business, get too gimmicky, or have to compromise your ethics. Do what you say, and the rewards will come.


By building your personal brand and doing your best for each real estate client, the referrals will come and positive reviews will circulate. For those that need help getting found, network more often and efficiently. Increase SEO to get on the front page of Google. Even being more social can get you more visibility. Just make sure you follow up with inquiries in a timely manner.

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